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Action Sets
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This feature will help save you time creating Journeys, adding user sessions and actions to audits, and managing those Journeys, user sessions, and actions as changes occur. You can save a series of actions as an "Action Set" which can then be reused across Journeys and Audits. You can then edit those steps from one central location which will push the update to all Journeys or Audits where applicable.

With ObservePoint's Action Set Library you can:

  • Store and access commonly used actions—such as a login sequence—in a singular place

  • Distribute actions across multiple Journeys or audits all at once, instead of one by one

  • Apply rules to Action Sets to be applied wherever the Action Set is used.

  • Customize action sequences for multiple Journeys and audits

How to Create an Action Set

In order to create an action set you can do this in one of two ways. The first is to go to the Action Set menu and then click Create New.

After that you'll be in a screen very similar to the one used in Journey creation. All you need to do is add the steps you want to include.

Note: There are some additional settings that apply specifically to Journeys or Audits.

The second is by going to any existing Journey or Audit that contains actions or a user session. Now to the left of the actions you will see a button labeled Create Action Set.

Once you click that you'll have the option to select which actions you are interest in saving as a set. The steps must be in order and contiguous (no skipping actions).

Then you can click Save as New Action Set.

When you save an Action Set it's going to ask you if you want to replace the same actions in other Journeys and Audits. Most of the time you want to select Yes here and replace those steps. What it's doing is going to every single Journey and Audit and checking the steps to see if it finds a match, if it finds a match and you select Yes here it will replace those steps with the Action Set.

Note: The actions have to be identical (it will only look at the first selector) so as long as you ensure that the actions are the same, it should find the other instances of the steps.

When you select "yes" it's going to show you all the Journeys and Audits it finds where it can do a replacement. Select which ones you're interested in having replaced and click the confirm checkbox before saving. As noted once this is done it cannot be reverted.

Once you save the steps that are included in the Action Set, it will collapse down into a single action with type "Action Set".

Selecting An Existing Action Set

Along with the other updates you'll now see Action Set as an Action type in any Audit or Journey. To use it, simply add an action with an Action Type of "Action Set". From there you can select which Action Set you're interested in adding.

Once it's added you can include more steps after or before that set. The Action Set itself will always be tied to the main copy so remember that it can't be edited unless you also want to change the steps for everywhere else the Action Set is used.

Note: In the Pre-Audit Action section of an audit, the first step needs to be a "Nav to" step and if your action set doesn't have a "Nav to" step, you won't be able to apply it.

You have two options in this case:

  1. Add a "Nav to" step in the Action Set that you created and then you can add it to the Pre-Audit Action section of an audit.

  2. Add first a "Nav to" step in the Pre-Audit Action section of the audit and then, on the second step, add this Action Set.

If you plan to use this Action Set on multiple domains, it would be better to use the second option

Managing Action Sets

To manage or update your Action Sets go to the Action Sets section from the Configurations menu.

From here you can see any Action Sets you've saved and where those Action Sets are used within your account. If you need to update the steps, make a copy or delete an action set, hover over the one you're interested in and the icons will appear to the right.

When deleting you'll see a pop-up screen warning you of the potential repercussions. Make sure you are absolutely positive you want to delete an Action Set before you do as you could potentially break all the related Journeys and Audits.

There is another way to edit your Action Set and that's from within any Journey or Audit where it's been applied. You'll see the button to Edit Action Set next to that step.

Note: Remember any edits done to an Action Set will be applied across EVERY instance of that action set in any Journey or Audit where it exists.

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