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Include Filter Limits
Include Filter Limits
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Audit includes files that have a limit that you can specify to control where your Audit runs. This might be used to sample 100 pages of many sub-sections of the site in a broad Audit. Or it could be used to access a few pages from several domains.

Each line of the include filter allows you to define the maximum number of pages to Audit for that filter.

  • Blank: This value cannot be left blank.

  • 0: No maximum limit. The Audit will visit as many pages as it can after visiting the include filters with a number greater than 0. This is generally used to allow the Audit to visit pages after the other include filter limits have been reached.

  • Greater than 0: The scan will visit up to the number of a maximum number of pages defined here. The total number of maximum pages for all includes filters should not exceed the total number of pages in the Audit scan limit; a warning will display if it does.

Include filters with a maximum greater than 0 are visited first.

Starting URLs are always scanned before any include filter URLs. Any starting URLs that also fit an include filter will count towards that filter's maximum.

Include filters that do not ensure any pages will be visited during the Audit by themselves. The system must find a link that matches an include filter during the Audit. If a link to a URL in an include filter cannot be found on the starting pages or any other pages scanned, that include filter will not be visited.

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