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Troubleshooting One and Out Audits
Troubleshooting One and Out Audits
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Typically Audits will complete without issue. Occasionally an Audit may only scan the starting page(s). Sometimes these are referred to as "one and out" Audits. Below is a list of common reasons and resolutions to this problem.

Issues Relating to Include and Exclude Lists

Problem: Bad starting page(s).

Resolution: Verify Starting Pages are valid and accessible. If pages are accessible check Audit Include and Exclude Lists.

Problem: Starting page redirects to another site that is not allowed in the Include List.

Resolution: Replace Starting Page, update the Include List, then save the Audit.

Problem: Incorrect Audit Include or Exclude Lists.

Resolution: Update the Include/Exclude fields on the Audit's Additional Setup Options section, use regex (regular expression) that match or link from the Starting URL(s), then save the Audit.

Problem: Much of the content could have a different top level domain (TLD) than that of the starting page(s). For example, if was listed as the starting page but most of the content of the site was on, our default include filter will prevent the TLD from being audited. To resolve this, add an additional include filter allowing for

Problem: No document object map (DOM) links. This could be that there are simply no links on the site or that one of the include/exclude list items is preventing discovered pages from being audited.

Resolution: Verify that the site has links, if necessary check the DOM by opening the developer console of your browser and typing document.links. If there are no links or the output reads unavailable then you may need to list several URLs as additional starting pages. If the site has links, verify that the links are permitted to be audited by the Include and Exclude Lists.

Web Server Related Issues

Problem: ObservePoint has been banned from accessing the site. This may happen if the website employs very strict security policies designed to protect the site from denial of service attacks and other nefarious behaviors.

Resolution: Ask your IT security team to allowlist the ObservePoint IP range and re-run the Audit.

Problem: Site is unavailable.

Resolution: Ensure the site is up and responsive before starting an Audit. You may need to run with reduced server load enabled on the Audit (see Advanced Audit settings tab).

Problem: Site is behind a firewall, this is common for Development, QA and Staging webservers.

Resolution: Ask your IT security team to allow HTTP/HTTPS from our IP range to your protected sites. See the allowlisting document for IP addresses.

Issues Relating to Pre-Audit Actions

Problem: The Audit scanned only one page and has a status code of 0.

Resolution: If the Audit includes Pre-Audit actions and any of those steps are broken, the Audit will cease scanning other pages and will have a status code 0.
Check the steps added in the Pre-Audit Actions section, in the browser to ensure that:
1. The starting URL that is added is working
2. The selectors used (for example to accept/decline cookies or any other steps) are correct.
To perform these checks, open an incognito window in your browser and reproduce each step.

Problem: Different domains are added in the Starting URL, Include list and Pre-Audit Action sections.

Resolution: Ensure that the same domains are specified in the Starting URL, Include list, and Pre-Audit Action sections. If, for instance, one domain is included in both the Include list and Pre-Audit Action sections, but a different domain is added in the Starting URL section, it can cause the Audit to scan only one page.

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