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LiveConnect: Certificate and Proxy Setup
LiveConnect: Certificate and Proxy Setup
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As part of the setup for LiveConnect, you will need to complete a one-time install of an ObservePoint root certificate on each of your testing devices. To properly install it, you must download, install, and trust the certificate on your test device.

How to Install the LiveConnect Certificate

Before testing, you will need to configure the proxy settings of your devices so that all traffic is sent through the ObservePoint LiveConnect proxy.

How to Configure the LiveConnect Proxy


What is the purpose of installing ObservePoint's LiveConnect root certificate on my device?

Installing the root certificate allows ObservePoint's proxy servers (and no one else) to decrypt record network activity generated by users on the device which is sent to ObservePoint's LiveConnect proxy servers.

Does the LiveConnect root certificate give ObservePoint access to my device?

No. ObservePoint has no access to the device itself. Using the root certificate, ObservePoint can decrypt traffic which your device sends to ObservePoint's LiveConnect proxy servers.ObservePoint has no access to the physical device or any of the software on it. No third parties will have access to your device by installing this certificate. (edited)

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