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Creating Usage Based Alerts
Creating Usage Based Alerts
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Usage-based Alerts help you stay compliant with your contracted scan limits. They will help you better monitor how many pages are being scanned on a monthly or annual basis. Staying within the limits of your contract will help you avoid overage charges.

Creating Usage-based Alerts

To create a usage-based alert, select Standards, and select Alerts.

This takes you to the Alerts Library; from here, you will want to select Create Alert in the right-hand corner.

Create an Alert name, it is best practice to name your Alert for its intended purpose. e.g., Overage Alert. Click Select Report Metric to view the Alerts dropdown options.

At the bottom of the dropdown menu, hover over Usage and then select Pages Scanned this Month.

Set the operator to Greater than (>) and the value to 90%. This Alert will trigger once your account hits 90% of your monthly account limits.

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