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Creating Alerts
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Creating Alerts will help you get more out of ObservePoint and help you monitor the most important metrics in the platform. There are different ways you can create Alerts; this document will walk you through each flow.

Creating Alerts from the Alerts Library

From the Data Sources screen, select Standards and select Alerts.

From the Alerts Library, click on Create Alert on the right side of the page.

You'll want to name your Alert here, and it's best practice to give it a name for its purpose e.g. # of 1st Party Cookies. You can add a Label to your Alert for account organization.

Click the Select Report Metric dropdown and select which summary report you want to create an Alert. Once you have the Alert logic set, click on Next.

E.g. I want to be alerted if a page load time exceeds 3 seconds. In this case, I would select Audits > Page Summary > Average Page Load Time and set the value to 3. After I save this Alert and assign it to an Audit, every time a page load time exceeds 3 seconds, this Alert will trigger a notification.

Add subscribers to this Alert by entering an email address. You can enter up to 10 email addresses, each separate with a comma. You can add a custom Alert message to specify what action should take place when this Alert is triggered and provide additional context to recipients.

Lastly, you will want to specify when this Alert will be sent. You can set it to send an Alert each time it is triggered or when it is newly triggered (resets when the Alert is no longer triggered). Once you have the notification logic set, click on Next.

Assign your Alert to an Audit. You can select multiple Audits in this step. Once you have assigned the Alert to an Audit(s), click on Next.

Note: You can check the box in this image as a default alert to all new future data sources that you create

In the Alert Preview, you will see how many times the Alert you created would have been triggered on previous Audit runs. Click Save to save your Alert.

Creating Alerts from Audit Reports

Creating Alerts from Audit Reports is a fast and easy process. Navigate to an Audit Report to create an Alert.

You can select a report that you would like to create an Alert for. In this example, I selected the Pages Report to create the same Alert for average page load time. When I hover over the report, there is a bell icon with a plus inside. Click on this icon to create an Alert.

After you click on the bell icon, it will load an Alert with recommended thresholds based on the Audit Report results. You can quickly edit the Alert, add subscribers to the Alert, and further customize Alert Logic. Click Create to finish creating your Alert.

After an Alert has been created, you will see a pop-up confirming that you are subscribed to an Alert.

Email Notification

When an Alert is triggered, this is what the email notification will show. You can see that this Alert was triggered due to a poor Audit score with the custom message present.

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