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Alerts Library
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The Alerts Library will contain all the Alerts that have been created in your account. Here you can assign Alerts to Audits and subscribe multiple users to Alerts.

Creating an Alert

To create an Alert, click the Create Alert button in the right-hand corner. You can make any Alert from scratch this way.

Add Alerts to Audits

To add an Alert to an Audit, you will want to select the icon below the Data Sources column. The number next to the icon shows how many Audits the Alert is assigned to.

Add Subscribers to Alerts

To add subscribers to an Alert, you will want to select the icon below the Subscribers column. The number displayed next to the icon shows how many subscribers Alert is assigned to.

Add Labels to Alerts

You can create and add a Label to an Alert by selecting + Label. Labels help an account stay organized. You can learn more about Labels by looking at the Labels help document.

Managing and Editing Alerts

You can manage your Alerts by clicking the ellipses icon. You can edit, duplicate or delete an Alert here. You can select View Change Log to see who has edited/changed each Alert over time.

Alert Filters

You can filter Alerts by report metrics, labels, subscribed Alerts only, and who created the Alert. This is helpful when you have multiple people working on Alerts or many Alerts to filter.

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