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Export URLs from Google Ads
Export URLs from Google Ads
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This guide explains how to export your top URLs from Google Ads and integrate them into an ObservePoint Audit to monitor your most visited ad pages.


Follow these steps to export your top URLs from Google Ads:

  1. Login to Google Ads: Start by logging into your Google Ads account.

  2. Access Campaigns: Click on the "Campaigns" tab located on the left-hand side of your screen.

  3. Select "Ads" Within Campaigns:

    • Within the Campaigns tab, choose "Ads."

  4. Sort by Impressions:

    • By default, the list will be sorted by impressions. (Impressions represent how many people saw the ad URL, not how many clicked on it.)

  5. Add an Optional Filter:

    • If a Final URL column isn't included in the view, add it.

    • To refine your report, click on "Add filter."

    • Select "Performance" and then choose "Impressions."

    • Set the operator to "greater than 0." This will generate a report containing all ads that have had any impressions. Note that this won't include paused ads that may be in your account.

      Note: For optimal results, we recommend viewing and exporting this report every 7 days. Monitoring your top ad pages regularly is crucial, as these are the pages for which you are paying Google. Daily auditing can help identify issues, such as broken links leading to 404 error pages.

  6. Export the Report:

    • To export the report, select "Export."

    • Then, choose "Export Current View."

You now have a CSV file with the URLs you need. Copy these URLs and paste them into the "Starting URL(s)" field within an ObservePoint Audit. Make sure to enable "Audit Starting URLs Only" before starting the Audit.

By following these steps, you can effectively monitor and analyze the performance of your top ad pages using Google Ads and ObservePoint.

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