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Export URLs from Facebook/ Instagram Ads
Export URLs from Facebook/ Instagram Ads
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This guide explains how to export your top URLs from Facebook/ Instagram Ads and integrate them into an ObservePoint Audit to monitor your most visited ad pages.


Exporting URLs from Facebook/ Instagram Ads is a important in the process of analyzing and auditing your top ad pages. Here are two methods to export URLs from your Facebook/ Instagram Ads:

Using Facebook Ads Manager

  1. Log in to Facebook Ads Manager:

  2. Navigate to Your Campaigns:

    • Click on the "Campaigns" tab on the left sidebar to view your active campaigns.

  3. Select the Campaign or Ad Set:

    • Click on the specific campaign or ad set from which you want to export URLs.

  4. Go to the Ads Tab:

    • Within the selected campaign or ad set, click on the "Ads" tab to view individual ads.

  5. Customize the Columns:

    • Click on the column customization icon (a small table icon) to customize the columns displayed.

    • Ensure that the column for "Website URL" or "Destination" is selected.

  6. Filter the Data (optional):

    • Use filters to narrow down the ads you are interested in exporting.

  7. Export the Data:

    • Click on the "Export" button located at the top right of the table.

    • Select the format for export (e.g., CSV, Excel).

    • Click "Export" to download the file to your computer.

Using Facebook Ads Reporting

  1. Log in to Facebook Ads Manager:

  2. Go to the Reports Section:

    • Click on the "Reports" icon (bar chart icon) on the top navigation bar.

  3. Create a Custom Report:

    • Click on "Create Report" to create a new report.

    • Choose the type of report (e.g., Ads Performance) and configure the settings.

  4. Add the Necessary Columns:

    • Add columns for "Campaign", "Ad Set", "Ad", and "Website URL" or "Destination".

    • Adjust other settings as needed (e.g., date range, filters).

  5. Generate the Report:

    • Click on "Run Report" to generate the report.

  6. Export the Report:

    • Once the report is generated, click on the "Export" button at the top right.

    • Choose the format for export (CSV, Excel, PDF, etc.).

    • Click "Export" to save the file to your computer.

You now have a file with the URLs you need. Copy these URLs and paste them into the "Starting URL(s)" field within an ObservePoint Audit. Make sure to enable "Audit Starting URLs Only" before starting the Audit.

By following these steps, you can effectively monitor and analyze the performance of your top ad pages using Facebook/ Instagram Ads and ObservePoint.

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