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Requested Exports & Export Center
Requested Exports & Export Center
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The Export Center is where all of the requested exports are located. You can access these at any time and download these reports. You can share these with other teams that may not need access to ObservePoint but find these reports useful for site improvements, privacy compliance, and better technology governance.

All data exports are downloaded as a CSV file and can be opened in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or Numbers. You can also import these files to Google Sheets for online collaboration.

1 - Date Exported - This is the date that the export was requested.

2 - Name - The name of the export, pulled from the name of the Audit or Journey that was requested.

3 - Item Type - This tells you whether the export type is an Audit or Journey

4 - Run Date - This is the date when the Audit or Journey was performed.

5 - Export Name - This is the name of the report that is being exported.

6 - Requested By - This is the user that requested the export.

7 - Copy/Download/Email Icons - The paper icon allows you to copy a link to the export. The cloud icon allows you to directly download the export. The letter icon allows you to email the export.

Audit Exports

You can learn more about Audit Exports by viewing the Audit Exports help document.

Journey Exports

You can learn more about Journey Exports by viewing the Journey Exports help document.

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