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Export Top URLs from Adobe Analytics
Export Top URLs from Adobe Analytics
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This guide outlines the process of exporting your top URLs from Adobe Analytics and integrating them into an ObservePoint Audit to monitor your top visited pages.


Follow these steps to export your top URLs from Adobe Analytics:

  1. Log in to Adobe Analytics: Start by logging in to your Adobe Analytics account.

  2. Create a New Project: Within Adobe Analytics, create a new project.

  3. Add a Blank Panel: To begin building your report, add a blank panel.

    1. Select "Freeform Table": Choose the "Freeform Table" as the type of report you want to create.

    2. Configure the Freeform Table

      1. Search for a component named "Page URL" and drag it into the Freeform Table.

      2. Search for the "Page Views" component and drag it into the right-hand column of the Freeform Table. You can remove the "Occurrences" component if it's present in the table you are building.

    3. Set the Date Range: Utilize the date picker to fine-tune the desired time range for your report.

Note: In some Adobe Analytics implementations, the component names may differ. If you have trouble finding the "Page URL" component, consult the administrator of your Adobe Analytics instance.

d. Download the Data:

  1. Click on the "Page URL" row.

  2. Right-click and select "Download Items as CSV (Page URL...)" to generate a CSV file containing the data related to the two components added to the Freeform Table.

Note: For optimal insights, we recommend regularly viewing and exporting this report at least every 30 days.

You now have a CSV file containing the URLs you need. Copy these URLs and paste them into the "Starting URL(s)" field within an ObservePoint Audit. Ensure that you enable "Audit Starting URLs Only" before starting the Audit.

By following these steps, you'll effectively monitor and analyze the performance of your top pages using Adobe Analytics and ObservePoint.

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